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Why is lifting weights beneficial?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Throughout my years of training one of the major obstacles I face is the reluctance of lifting weights. Often I hear numerous reasons as to why a client fears lifting weights or believes it will often hinder the progress they want. I often hear I don't want to look bulky or I am too old to start lifting. Some feel they may get hurt or cardio is the answer to their problems. I've heard it all and it is my job to ensure the worries are misguided and often weight is the key to their issues. So I wanted to give my top 5 reasons why I recommend lifting weights.

  1. Gaining Muscle helps burn fat

Lifting weights burns calories just like cardio does but also as the added effect which is what building muscle does. It is estimated that one pound of muscle burns around three times the calories as a pound of fat. So imagine the added boost you get when you add multiple pounds of muscle through weight lifting. You will begin to burn more calories naturally helping shed that stubborn fat.

  1. Getting Stronger

Lifting weights is not strictly about adding muscle and appearance. I often point out to clients that day to day activities will just be easier and take strain off your body. When it's time to pick up those grocery bags in the house your added strength will be useful. Less strain and ease of tasks will surely add up in the long run.

  1. Prevent and help injuries

Proper for and progressively lifting weights increases one's bone density as well as strengthen ligaments and connective tissues. Many clients that I have often state prior injuries such as back, knee and hip procedures before starting weights and are amazed at how much better they feel afterwards. It's also a great way to ensure that these injuries never come up again.

  1. Body image

The biggest obstacle I face with clients is the scale and how everyone solely focuses on this number lowering. Yet before training with me they say they lost 10 or 20 pounds on the scale yet feel the same often this is a result of muscle, fat and water being lost. Thus resulting in a new body with the same percentage of body fat and perhaps those trouble areas like the stomach or hips are still present. Adding muscle helps tighten the skin and give the shape clients are often seeking.

  1. Confidence

Perhaps the biggest plus I see is the improved confidence of my clients. They feel more toned; they see the results and body change before their eyes. They begin to lift weights they thought were not possible and feel better than ever.

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