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The upside and downside of cardio?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Cardio is a great tool for fat loss yet there are some upsides and downsides of cardio that I make prevalent to my clients.


  1. Great tool to burn extra calories and help increase a calories deficit

  2. Clients always state how it helps them sleep as they often feel more tired at the end of the night

  3. Cardio is great for your heart as it improves your cardiovascular system and can lower your risk for heart disease amongst other diseases

  4. Its the easiest and often the least threatening form of exercise. Sometimes people by themselves are hesitant to weight train while cardio is more comforting. Any form of exercise is better the none


  1. Fat loss sometimes plateaus when cardio is only used causing some to only have one option increase the amount of cardio. This increased amount of cardio if overdone can cause decreased muscle mass and a slow metabolism.

  2. Injury is increased if certain types of cardio are performed such as excessive running. Numerous clients have stated that on their fitness journey their first step was jogging to help them lose weight. Many begin with no warm up or schedule and the results often lead to loss of motivation or worse injury such as meniscus and overall knee issues.

  3. Another downside is when cardio is stopped. Often the body adjusts to the cardio and since muscle may be lost when one stops the weight tends to creep back.

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